CVS Winter Clearance!

Are you familiar with the CVS Clearance sales? If not, head over to Nouveau Cheap for complete details! Basically, select items receive 50% or 75% off stickers. What does this mean for you? Stock up or try something new– because the items with stickers are cheaaaaaaaaaap! I happened upon this at my local CVS this evening (a fortunate accident). Tomorrow, I am going to be running around the valley, visiting as many CVS stores as possible. I showed some restrain today and only picked up four items. Though, I’m sure on my quest for other items, I will multiply that.

Here’s what came home with me this evening:

All 75% off! Wee!

All 75% off! Wee!

Nail Polish (because I am addicted):

  • Nicole by OPI – Luke of the Draw (from the Modern Family Collection)
  • NYC In a New York Color Minute – Bowery Black
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips – Misbehaved (I have been pining for this FOREVER)

Lip Liner

  • Sally Hansen – Invisible Lip Liner (39194)

Want to see the receipt? I know the answer is yes! Seriously, check out the savings. I really love that CVS shows how much you saved AND a trip summary near the bottom. So fulfilling as a bargainer!

Look at the savings! (and, yes, I do love Peanut M&Ms)

Look at the savings! (and, yes, I do love Peanut M&Ms)

I can’t wait to let you know what else I come home with and how everything works out. Hustle on over to your closest few CVS stores for some holiday bargains!

Soooooo excited,



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