About Rachel

I love lists. A ridiculous amount. So here is the “About Rachel” List:

  • Twenty-five.
  • Arizona: born and raised.
  • Enjoyer of Writing, Food, Laughter, Nature Documentaries, and Cats.
  • Inexperienced but determined cook/baker.
  • Stubborn.
  • In love with a musician with a heart condition. Loved by the same.
  • Well-Intentioned.
  • Inappropriate.
  • Enthusiastic user of curse words (Shit. Balls. Fuck. Cock. A-hole.)
  • Awkward. But in the best way.
  • Vodka drinker.
  • Recovering Foodie/Fattie.
  • Selectively social introvert.
  • Hater of raw tomatoes.
  • Squeamish.
  • Moth-phobic.

…but also pretty awesome!


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