CVS Winter Clearance!

Are you familiar with the CVS Clearance sales? If not, head over to Nouveau Cheap for complete details! Basically, select items receive 50% or 75% off stickers. What does this mean for you? Stock up or try something new– because the items with stickers are cheaaaaaaaaaap! I happened upon this at my local CVS this evening (a fortunate accident). Tomorrow, I am going to be running around the valley, visiting as many CVS stores as possible. I showed some restrain today and only picked up four items. Though, I’m sure on my quest for other items, I will multiply that.

Here’s what came home with me this evening:

All 75% off! Wee!

All 75% off! Wee!

Nail Polish (because I am addicted):

  • Nicole by OPI – Luke of the Draw (from the Modern Family Collection)
  • NYC In a New York Color Minute – Bowery Black
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips – Misbehaved (I have been pining for this FOREVER)

Lip Liner

  • Sally Hansen – Invisible Lip Liner (39194)

Want to see the receipt? I know the answer is yes! Seriously, check out the savings. I really love that CVS shows how much you saved AND a trip summary near the bottom. So fulfilling as a bargainer!

Look at the savings! (and, yes, I do love Peanut M&Ms)

Look at the savings! (and, yes, I do love Peanut M&Ms)

I can’t wait to let you know what else I come home with and how everything works out. Hustle on over to your closest few CVS stores for some holiday bargains!

Soooooo excited,



Gel Polish Clearance: Part 2

Shame on me. I went to another Walgreens for more SensatioNail deals. I found four more colors! Two of them, I had never heard of (Spoiled Diva and Lovestruck), but can’t wait to get them on my little nubbins. Here, have a looksie!



How can you say no to $5.99 each? Fortunately, I think I’m done for the time being. Now to focus on holiday gifts!

Gel Polish Clearance!

Hey Bargain Shoppers!

One of local Walgreens has the SensatioNail gel polishes on clearance! Mind you, only a few of the shades were marked down, but several of them were shades I have been pining for. The best part? They’re 50% off– taking them down to only $5.99 each. Ahh…. warm fuzzies!

Here is a photo of the SensatioNail display; quite a few colors are marked down! Does anyone know why?

Orange Walgreens tags are ALWAYS a problem. But the best kind of problem.

Orange Walgreens tags are ALWAYS a problem. But the best kind of problem.

When the cashier rang up the polishes, only one polish came up on clearance; the others rang up at full price. Since the specific colors I had were all marked with orange tags on the display, the cashier did a price override. So, these beauties weren’t even six dollars apiece:




Names of the polishes

I can’t wait to use these. What color do you think I should do this week? I’m leaning towards Royal Ruby, since I have a job interview on Tuesday.

A few people at Nouveau Cheap spotted these polish markdowns as well. Perhaps it’s time to stock up! I just recently found Nouveau Cheap’s blog (which has the ‘scoop on discount cosmetics’). That blog may end up being a big problem for me! Eek!

Happy bargaining!