An Open Letter to the Pinterest Team

Dear Pinterest Team members:

I love, love, love your website. Almost too much, if you can imagine that. I spend hours scrolling through the never-ending buffet of images and links in PinLand. This had, up until a couple of weeks ago, resulted in around 3,000 unsorted “Likes” on my page, at all times. One night, a fit of boredom, I decided to organize them; pin the keepers, and unlike the rejects. This decision lead me to an important discovery: the format of the “Pin It” pop up page had changed! It was infinitely better!! It allowed me to type the first few letters of existing boards to find it (instead of having to scroll through the entire list). Making new boards was a breeze! There was even a “Recently Used” section. It was complete¬†internet-hoarding organizational bliss! Before I knew it, I’d spent my entire evening, literally, sorting pins with new-found “Pin It” fever.


I couldn’t have put it so well myself.

And then, something devastating happened. I returned to Pinterest today with a specific goal in mind: to organize more of my Likes! But, lo and behold, the Pin It page had returned to its former self. This is a Pin-strosity! (I know you see what I did there)



Could it be?! I thought Pinterest had done away with this version of the Pin It page. The other version of this page was SO MUCH BETTER; infinitely easier to work with, a pleasure to spend time with. I was inconsolable, so I went to the Popular¬†category in an attempt to drown out my disappointment (finding more than a few posts to like in the process). For now, my unsorted Likes are awaiting some love, but I’m refusing to revisit this sad and sorry version of the Pin It page. It this a temporary change?! Can I “opt” into the formatting awesomeness?! Can the Pin It page be restored to its former glory?! Someone, anyone, please enlighten me on this subject.

It just occurred to me how ridiculous this post is. I’m going to have to start attending Pinners Anonymous meetings, since I don’t have it in me to boycott such a fabulous website,