Happy New Year: Pinstrosity


2014. Can you believe it? Were you ready? There’s already been some big changes in my life for the new year: new job, new hobbies, and new writing projects. What type of projects, you ask?

Pinstrosity. BAM!

Have you heard of Pinstrosity before? If so, go check it out now! If not, I’m here to fill you in. It’s a blog about what happens to Pinterest projects in real life. Think…something like this:

Now, of course, the blog actually encompasses all sorts of Pinterest projects; from the good and the bad, to the downright hilarious. I can’t wait to get my hands on some projects to kick off the new year. Oh boy, oh boy, whatever shall I start with? Have any ideas?

Want to know more good news?

Part 1: This means you have another blog to stalk me on. As a matter of fact, if you want to check out my first Pinstrosity entry, you can click HERE.

This is the photo I used for the introduction post.

Part 2: Pinstrosity is a submission-based website. Do you have Pinstrosities to share? If so, what are you waiting for?! We need you!

Joining of the Pinstrosity family also means big adjustments to my writing style. That the fairly gritty language and humor that you’re used to reading here? That’s gonna come to a screeching halt for Pinstrosity readers. C’mon, kids read that blog. I don’t want to scare the family friendly crowd away. While I practice cleaning up my language over there, I’ll do my best to keep it real here. It’s going to be good for me, I think.

Bottom line: Happy New Year! Let’s all make the best of 2014. Cross your fingers (’cause I sure am) that all this change is for the best!

Rob and I wore crazy head pieces of New Years!

Rob and I wore crazy head pieces of New Years!



Thanksgiving 2013 Post

I’ve fought the urge to write a Thanksgiving post for the past couple of days; I try to practice appreciation as many days of the year as possible. But, I was also being a hipster about it, not wanting to post my thankful list on the same day as plenty of other bloggers. Perhaps I will post my “Thanksgiving Post” on another day, you know, to be original.

What changed my mind was something Rob read me from his Facebook. One of his friends posted: “I used to sleep outside and now I don’t. For that I am grateful.” I’m not gonna lie, I cried a litte.

I’d loosely contemplated an elaborate and goofy gratitude list, in typical Operation Rachel fashion, but today, I am focusing on my basic needs as a human being. I am lucky enough to have air to breathe, clean water to drink, food to eat, and even a warm, safe place to sleep. In some places and by some standards, I’m not just having my needs met; I’m living a luxurious and charmed life.

I’d be a fool not to acknowledge how fortunate I am. I plan on going above and beyond to appreciate that today.


It’s Blog Introduction Time!

Hey there,

My name is Rachel. I just turned twenty-five and I live in Phoenix. As of the present, I am unemployed, but this is temporary. Most recently, I was a technical writer. It was fabulous. Though, my background is fairly diverse (read: sales, retail, leasing, enrollment, and transcription), my first love has always been writing.

I am not compelled to start a blog about writing; I love grammar and punctuation, but there are experts far more qualified to dish the writing dirt. That’s why I have decided to dedicate my blog to my two second loves:

  1. Bargain Hunting
  2. D.I.Y. Projects

I have a lot of respect for the saying “you get what you pay for”. But I also am always out for the best deal. This means that I tend to research most products/services/businesses waaaay too much diligently before committing one way or the other. I hope that I can share some of my finds with you.

When it comes to D.I.Y. projects, you can expect just about anything. I like crafts, home improvement and decorating, make up/nail polish, food, and mostly anything else that I realize I can “do myself” as an alternative to purchasing/paying someone to do for me. What this also means for you, as my readers, is that a “How To” (or “How Not To”) post will inevitably follow.

I should also inform warn you: most other blogs of this nature are written by wonderful human beings, with pure minds, and delicate sensibilities. You won’t find that here. Swear words and situations that earn R-ratings are thoroughly encouraged. What’s the polar opposite of creative house wife? Shit. I don’t know. A resourceful, but crude nester? Eh, that doesn’t have much of a ring to it. I’ll brainstorm and get back you to.

In case you were curious about the title of this blog, OperationRachel was the name for my very first blog (which was mostly a journal). The tagline read “Operation Rachel: Taking on Daily Life”, which seemed appropriate for a journal but not relevant to this blog. When I decided to branch out, OperationRachel was still the handle that I gravitated toward. Now, I suppose, I am looking at each of my projects as a mission. OperationRachel also rings the irony bell, since there is something of a military theme in the title, but I’m not nearly hardcore enough for that shit.

I hope that my readers visit with me for information, ideas, but mostly, for laughs. No one here is taking themselves too seriously. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I’m not sure if you would want to, but feel free to reach out to me with any comments/ideas/thoughts. Sharing is caring, friends.

Nice to have met you,