Neglected Blog

My poor neglected blog. I wish I had good excuses to come up with, but I don’t. The good news is that, despite OperationRachel not getting much love recently, I’ve been kickin’ ass over at Pinstrosity. I think I’m up to four posts now. Two more are in the works. 

My friend who co-founded the blog is outstanding and I really can’t thank her enough for getting me involved. I have deadlines to meet with that blog. OperationRachel doesn’t require me to put in nearly as much effort. This has been great. It’s forcing me to document projects that I try, and it encourages me to pay close attention and analyze any failures or successes. So far, so good.

Work has been keeping me busy and exhausts me by the end of the day. I am in a comfortable limbo, for the moment. I exist in between two phases of my job. The first that I have started to understand quite well and the second that I know nothing about. Report Integrity– doesn’t that sound fancy and impressive? Mayhaps it will be. I don’t know. I’ve been continuing to find documents to make for resume/portfolio fodder. You know, being an adult and what not.

Hopefully, I’ll have something new and fabulous to post here soon.