Product Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blackberry

After my awesome Big Lots Haul this week– I decided to write a couple of reviews for the goodies I purchased! Hang in there as I try  on my reviewer cap.

Today’s Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous “Blackberry” (640) in Creme.

Revlon's Blackberry is incredibly difficult to photograph. Daresay, this photo doesn't come close to capturing the 'real life' color. In person, it's a rich red/brown color.

Revlon’s Blackberry is incredibly difficult to photograph. Daresay, this photo doesn’t come close to capturing the ‘real life’ color. In person, it’s a rich red/brown color.

Color Expectation: This struck me as a particularly classic color for fall. It seemed warm; the red and brown tones were really, or so I thought, represented in the color of the lipstick itself (visible through the top of packaging).

Seriously. Bless this packaging.

The closest comparison that I can come up with for Blackberry is red wine. A la Cabernet Sauvignon; or, more specifically, according to the folks over at Wine Folly, the color of an “Old Cabernet Sauvignon” (que fancy!).

Thanks Wine Folly, this is exactly the type of visual I needed to describe this lipstick!!

However, Revlon threw a wrench in my expectations for this color. Here’s why:

  1. It is name is “Blackberry”, which makes me think of purple tones. Yet, this color isn’t purple at all. Not even a smidgen.
  2. The sticker on the bottom of the tube isn’t representative of the lipstick’s name, the color of the lipstick, or the color of the lipstick on my face. Thank goodness for Revlon’s see-through packaging on this one!
They call it "Blackberry". Pfffft.

They call it “Blackberry”. Pfffft.

Despite my uncertain expectations, I spent the mere two dollars on this lipstick. Also despite my uncertain expectations, I couldn’t wait to get Blackberry on my face…

Color Reality: I was most unprepared for what happened when I applied this little beauty to my lips! Take a look! This is a true red, ladies and gents; not a brown hue in sight. Mind you, the flash, not surprisingly, makes the red look brighter than it is in real life. Perhaps a few daylight photos are in order.

These photos are taken with flash. But here, have my goofy face!

But, fear not, I found a supremely accurate color descriptor for this on my face: Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice. No contest. You may as well have painted it on. Perhaps Revlon wasn’t so far off with the berry idea. Maybe Cranberry instead of Blackberry??

Cranberry Juice

This is the real color on my face. I promise.

Lipstick Texture: Blackberry is particularly creamy (as “creme” would imply). It’s a delight to wear. I did find that if I had any semblance of dry skin on my lips, that the color would build up and look gross. I tried wearing a chapstick under Blackberry and that seemed to help with the dry skin issue, but it did make the color slide. After a blot, it was fine. Also, if you plan on using a make up brush, apply the lipstick first, and just do detail work with the brush. This made a huge difference for me.

Lipstick Smell: Nothing to offend your nostrils here. Ah, viva unscented lipstick.

Lipstick Longevity: I haven’t worn this one out, yet, so I’m not sure how long it will last. I can say for sure that it will come off on your food (a burrito, to be exact) or in your gum, if you blow bubbles (don’t judge me).

So what, I don’t particularly love the name of this color and am slightly annoyed that it doesn’t wear the exact same as the lipstick. BUT– Blackberry is a gorgeous color on my face and apparently, I unknowingly bought a MAC Dubonnet dupe (see the Sunshine Sarah’s Comparison post). Woohoo!

You made it through my first review! What did you think? How can I improve?

Xo, Rachel

PS: Check out my new phone! Weeeeeee!

New phone! New phone! Magical new phone!

New phone! New phone! Magical new phone!