Happy New Year: Pinstrosity


2014. Can you believe it? Were you ready? There’s already been some big changes in my life for the new year: new job, new hobbies, and new writing projects. What type of projects, you ask?

Pinstrosity. BAM!

Have you heard of Pinstrosity before? If so, go check it out now! If not, I’m here to fill you in. It’s a blog about what happens to Pinterest projects in real life. Think…something like this:

Now, of course, the blog actually encompasses all sorts of Pinterest projects; from the good and the bad, to the downright hilarious. I can’t wait to get my hands on some projects to kick off the new year. Oh boy, oh boy, whatever shall I start with? Have any ideas?

Want to know more good news?

Part 1: This means you have another blog to stalk me on. As a matter of fact, if you want to check out my first Pinstrosity entry, you can click HERE.

This is the photo I used for the introduction post.

Part 2: Pinstrosity is a submission-based website. Do you have Pinstrosities to share? If so, what are you waiting for?! We need you!

Joining of the Pinstrosity family also means big adjustments to my writing style. That the fairly gritty language and humor that you’re used to reading here? That’s gonna come to a screeching halt for Pinstrosity readers. C’mon, kids read that blog. I don’t want to scare the family friendly crowd away. While I practice cleaning up my language over there, I’ll do my best to keep it real here. It’s going to be good for me, I think.

Bottom line: Happy New Year! Let’s all make the best of 2014.¬†Cross your fingers (’cause I sure am) that all this change is for the best!

Rob and I wore crazy head pieces of New Years!

Rob and I wore crazy head pieces of New Years!